If you want to know how I vote,

Let me show you.

Ask yourself: what does an independent voting record look like?

Some people think if you ever vote with the Government, you’re not really independent.

Some people think if you ever vote against the Government, you’re a secret Labor or Green politician.

In reality, being an independent means taking each piece of legislation as it comes. It means talking to people on both sides of every debate. It means listening to the public and in the end it means taking all of that information and coming to a decision based on my values and what I think is best for Tasmania and Australia.

Simple really!

The percentage that I vote with each party in the Senate

There's an election coming our way!

And it's an important one.

If the Jacqui Lambie Network is able to pick up one more Senator, we can have the balance of power on every bit of legislation that comes our way.

It's a huge opportunity to deliver good things for people who need a bit of help, and keep the major parties in line. We can force change, but only if we elect one more JLN Senator.

We need your help to do it. Here's everything you need to learn who we're running, how you can help and what's in store.