It's time for change

Both major parties seem to have shelved plans to do any actual governing.

It's a disgrace. I want to offer Tasmanians the choice of a fourth political party, which actually cares about representing the people of Tasmania, not just big business and union interests. Representatives who will stand up for more transparency in our Parliament so Tasmanians will know where their hard earned dollars are being spent.

I've decided to run candidates in the state election to take the balance of power in state parliament. If my team does win the balance of power, it will be their job to bring in the common sense of ordinary Tasmanians and to apply that common sense as we review the laws the Government wants to pass. It's that simple.

Jacqui Lambie

Meet the team

Our Lyons team

Troy Pfitzner

A small business owner.

Lesley Pyecroft

A veteran and registered nurse.

Andrew Jenner

A magistrate of 20 years and mayor.

Our Franklin team

Chris Hannan

Therapist and small business owner.

Marshall Callaghan

Teacher and child safety practitioner.

Conor Hallahan

General Manager at manufacturer.

Our Braddon team

Craig Cutts

A veteran medic and police officer.

Miriam Beswick

A small business owner and carer.

James Redgrave

Volunteer leader and veteran.

Our Bass team

Angela Armstrong

Lawyer and Child Rights Advocate

Ludwig Johnson

Machine shop manager

Rebekah Pentland

Small business owner