Not giving up the right

Poppies on the wall at the Australian War Memorial Honour Roll

Friday was Remembrance Day. A time to honour those who served our country, those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and the families who have been burdened for our country's freedom. We will never forget the sacrifice, the bravery, and the values you embedded into our Defence Force for future generations.

For your service, Australia is all the more free.

We will always remember you. Your bravery and courage are immortal. We will remember you not just on Remembrance Day, but every day.

To all soldiers currently serving - I see you, I hear you, I stand with you.

I’ve been lucky enough to get along to some great veterans events in the past couple of weeks - the Shrine of Remembrance memorial  in Victoria and the Tour of Duty Ride for Remembrance Poker Run in Queanbeyan to name a few. Thanks for having me along guys!  

I really enjoyed sharing these special days with you, and listening as you share your memories with me, good or bad. I promise I’m not giving up the fight anytime soon.

If you haven’t seen me in Tassie much the last week or two, it’s because I’ve been running around going to committee hearings on the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Job, Better Pay) Bill. It’s a massive bill to get our heads around, and I’m doing everything I can to consult on it in the time we’ve been given.

I also sat in Senate Estimates this past week. I had a lot of opportunities to ask questions about veterans issues and where things are at in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Keep an eye on my Facebook page - we’ll put up some of the questions I was asking soon. I’ll continue to hold the department to account and make sure they’re doing right by our vets. 

Tammy and I will head back to Canberra next weekend for the last couple of sitting weeks for the year. We’re expecting a lot of legislation to come at us. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop here at Jacqui’s Journal.

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