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We’ve started off the year with a bang. You know I can’t stand it when governments try to make it easier to hide stuff, especially when someone’s hiding what they’re doing with your money. 

Currently superannuation funds have to disclose to their members political donations, payments to industrial bodies (unions), promotion, sponsorship and marketing costs.

Labor tried to make it so the superfunds wouldn’t have to tell that. Wouldn't have to tell you where your money is going. 

One super fund spent $3 million of your money on getting their logo onto a footy.

Some of them are giving bonuses to their directors worth over $10 million dollars.

They've spent $24 million of your money on a lobbying firm. 

Funds give money to unions, who give money to the Labor Party, and it's not their money to give. It's yours. If you want to donate to the Labor Party, go for it. But if someone else is going to donate your money for you, they should have the courtesy of telling you. 

We stopped this from happening. It’s a win for transparency and a warning to the Government.

Jacqui with a member of the Heart 2 Heart team

I was privileged to join the guys from Heart 2 Heart for an early morning walk and the launch of their campaign this week. 

These legends are walking approx. 2,400 kms from Lambert Centre of Australia to Parliament House to raise awareness for First Responders mental health.

This is a cause close to my heart. We should be doing so much more to protect those who protect us. If you want to learn more about how you can support these guys, click on Heart 2 Heart Walk Events.

Valentine’s Day rolled around this week, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to give a shoutout to all the single gals and guys just like me!

Who needs a man when I can get my own flowers?

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