Member for Braddon


A small business owner and carer

Lives in East Devonport

Proudly Tasmanian, I am deeply connected to our community and committed to securing a brighter future for Braddon. After exploring opportunities on the mainland, I returned to my roots because this is where my heart is. I’ve experienced the ups and downs of running small businesses in and around Devonport, I understand the challenges individuals face in creating their own paths.

As a mother of three with a husband who is legally blind, I've navigated the complex challenges that families encounter. Engaged in our local church, I recognise the power of community collaboration, striving for shared goals, collective benefits, and ensuring no one is left behind.

My vision for Braddon is one of enhanced education and healthcare, and I am wholeheartedly dedicated to championing better prospects for all. I look forward to working with all those elected from every political party who are committed to delivering better community outcomes rather than playing petty political party games. People should always come first.

The most important thing to me is that we strive to build a thriving and inclusive Braddon that leaves no one behind.

A word from Jacqui about Miriam

Miriam is someone special. She’s whip-smart, articulate, and strong. She and her family have faced adversity with her husband being declared legally blind, making Miriam his carer while she also ran a small business and raised three kids. That would test anyone, but Miriam has come through and is thriving. It’s a testament to her character.

Miriam will be a fierce advocate for the people of Braddon. She’s someone who knows what it’s like to do it tough, but also knows how to successfully fight through hard times. I’m proud to stand beside her as member for Braddon and I have no doubt the people of Braddon are going to back her in.