Candidate for Franklin

A veteran and registered nurse

I’m running as a candidate for the Jacqui Lambie Network because the average punters are crying out for a change from the morally corrupt party system that ignores the most glaring inequities in Tasmanian society.

I strongly believe that health is the most important sector in Tasmania and everything else should get in line. What is happening at the Royal Hobart Hospital is a disaster. If it’s not sorted out it will cause so much heart ache and damage to people’s lives.

I have worked at senior levels in the state and federal public service and understand the language politicians and bureaucrats use to obfuscate the real issues. That experience combined with the advocacy skills I’ve developed as a senior social worker would enable me to negotiate better outcomes for the people of Franklin and Tasmania.

I am currently a senior practitioner in Child Safety Services in Hobart helping to protect the most vulnerable in our community. It is a hard, stressful job but I have had some very good outcomes over the years.

Education is another very important sector. In my career, I have worked as a teacher in Tasmania and Victoria.  I can confidently say that the state of education in Tasmania is abysmal. The problem being many-fold, but the headline is the sad truth of how low our literacy levels are.

I am a well-travelled person with 65 years of life experience ready to fight for the people of Franklin and each Tasmanian’s basic rights to accessible health care and safety.

A word from Jacqui about Marshall

Marshall doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. I have a lot of admiration for the work he does for Child Safety Services. Throughout his career he has put his local community first, which is exactly the kind of person we need in state parliament.

Marshall isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, but he also has a huge heart. These qualities have made him an excellent advocate for the people he’s worked so hard to help in his career. It would make him a brilliant representative for Franklin and for Tasmania.