Lesley Pyecroft

Candidate for Lyons


A veteran and registered nurse

Lives in Longford

I have always thought that real empathy is lacking in our politics. Maybe it’s because most politicians come from the same private school, study a law degree at university, background. That’s certainly not been my life journey.

I’m an immigrant, born in Canada. A naturalized Australian due to my 23 years of service in the Australian Army as a soldier and a nursing officer. I currently work as a school nurse and as a casual registered nurse in the Emergency Department at Launceston General Hospital (I had worked there previously full time for five years).

My parents taught me that the most important thing is that you are caring, compassionate and honest. I’ve always aspired to live up to those standards.

I will always try to go the extra mile. Listening and taking notice, being an advocate and being willing to stand up and improve the everyday living standards for the communities that I represent.

I am an active member with the Northern Lighthorse and re-enactment group and Tasmanian Women in Agriculture.

In Lyons we have a lot of people who provide us with produce from the agricultural sector. Especially in rural and remote areas of Lyons. They are a cornerstone of what makes Tasmania so special. Their work is often very challenging, and I don’t think we do enough to support them.

Health and mental health, education and employment are the issues I want to tackle. I know what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet and the pressure that brings to all aspects of your life. We need to do more to support people in tough situations and those four policy areas play a massive role in that.

A word from Jacqui about Lesley

When I found out about all the things that Lesley has done in her life, I immediately knew I had to run her. She’s lived a life of service: to her country, to her patients and to her community. She would bring a wealth of on the ground experience into State Parliament, something sorely lacking now.

You’ll understand when you meet her, she’s one of those people who can instantly put you at ease because she knows who she is and she wants to know who you are so she can help you.