Candidate for Braddon

A veteran medic and police officer

Lives in Devonport

Devonport has been my family’s home for generations. I grew up there, my parents grew up there and my grandparents grew up there. My great grandfather Arthur Thomas Cutts served in the Tasmanian Legislative council for almost 20 years.

My family taught me the value of service and it was because of their influence that I joined the military out of school and trained to become a medic. I was a medic at the highest level for the SAS’ Counter Terrorism Squadron. The rest of my career has taken me all over the world and placed me in some extreme situations.

In the army we are taught to work as one unit, there isn’t any time for ego or for politics. Those can get people killed. When I look at the current State Parliament and see the infighting and the game playing that goes on, it makes me sad, and it makes me angry. People in Braddon face challenges every day like finding decent jobs, getting into medical specialists, giving their kids a good education. It shouldn’t be as hard as it is at the moment, and I believe it wouldn’t be if our politicians kept their eyes on long term goals rather than short term political bickering and games.

When I was discharged from the army I stayed on as a reservist and joined the Queensland Police Force. I enjoyed that work as I was able to make a positive difference in the local communities that were under my jurisdiction. But it was also eye opening to see the issues that many residents, particularly from poorer socioeconomic backgrounds, were facing. Watching vulnerable kids go down a dark path was a hard pill to swallow.

There are many kids in Braddon who are facing the same challenges and I believe we should be rolling out bootcamps for these kids to give them the stability and mentorship they need to break out of their situations. There are examples of successful bootcamps all over the country, but there is no funding for any Tasmania at the moment. That must change.

Throughout my life I’ve worked hard to be someone my colleagues, friends and family can rely on and trust. I believe we should be able to say the same about the people we elect to State Parliament and that’s why I’m putting my hand up to fight for the people of Braddon.

A word from Jacqui about Craig

Craig is one impressive local Devonport lad. He’s a highly decorated Royal Australian Army Medic with multiple commendations and an Australia Day award winner who has served his country with distinction as a Medic. One of his many roles in the military was being attached to the SAS’ Counter Terrorist Squadron.

His service took him around Australia and the world and placed him in some seriously challenging situations. After leaving the army, he served as a police officer and received awards from both the police force and local community organisations for his excellent work. Craig has also educated himself with three different Diplomas in three different fields of expertise.

Throughout his life, Craig has displayed professionalism, responsibility, self-motivation and trustworthiness. He doesn’t toot his own horn, he quietly gets on with the job, making sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that everyone is supported. We need people like Craig in our State Parliament.