Stadiums, school funding & Christmas message

A mock-up of what the proposed Hobart stadium would look like
Philip ​​Lighton Architects

The Tassie Govt want to spend $375mil on a brand spanking new stadium. 

And they want taxpayers across the country to chip in the other $375 mil.

We'd love a Tassie AFL team. And at the right time, we'd love a new stadium. But we can't afford it right now. Not with the health and housing issues we're dealing with.

Sign the petition to tell the Tassie Premier to walk away from the stadium.

The Government recently made changes to how schools for at-risk, indigenous and special needs kids are funded. It would have seen $44 million in funding slashed from these schools. And it would have started next year, meaning schools would have to sack staff.

I called the education department out on it. We should be giving these schools more funding, not less. It seems like we’ve had a win - funding is going to stay the same for next year and not be cut. But I’m still a bit iffy on the long term plan, and the schools in question haven’t been given much of a heads up either.

So I’ll keep on this one. If you or someone you know is affected, drop me an email on

It’s been a year of ups and downs. I’m proud as punch that we (meaning you!) worked together to get Tammy elected. We showed the major parties that we won’t stand for their party politics anymore - they need to work in the best interests of the people they represent. And if they don’t, the people will vote with their feet.

It was a bittersweet win, with my dad Tom passing away after Tammy was elected. Dad loved getting out and campaigning. He was always my biggest cheerleader. I miss him every day and I’m certainly feel it coming into the Christmas period. To anyone out there facing their first Christmas without a loved one - you’re not alone.

So have a merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. After the past few years of covid chaos, we certainly deserve a minute to catch our breath.



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