I’m an average 
Australian just like you

I’m a single mum of two boys. I’ve served my country as a Digger in our Army for 10 years and discharged after I was injured training for war.

I’ve had my tough times when I’ve been sick and had to rely on a pension to pay the bills. I understand that most Australians want a hand up and an opportunity to work hard, not a hand out. I understand that sometimes you need someone to believe in you. And that having someone who’ll just listen and stand by you, is the difference between winning that second chance at life or failing.

I’ll keep the bastards honest in the Senate

Since my election as a Senator for Tasmania I’ve been on a steep learning curve. Yes, I’ve made a couple of mistakes on this high-pressure roller-coaster ride, but thanks to you – I’ve been able to use my vote in Federal Parliament to get a much better deal for Tasmania.

Your guidance and my vote have ensured that Tasmania finally, has a strong, independent voice in our Federal Parliament. It has also meant that Tasmania can no longer be taken for granted by the Federal Government.

Is your State being taken for granted? When your politicians vote, do they put their State and your best interests first – or do they put their political party and the people who donate money to them first?

JLN candidates will always put their State first

So, would you like to vote for a truly independent Senator, who’ll always put their State first?

The JLN will stand like-minded Senate candidates in most states of Australia. Just as I’ve been able to deliver more for Tasmania’s small business, mining, timber, manufacturing, local government and farming sectors – so too will a JLN Senator for your State.

Just as I’ve protected the incomes and rights of Australia’s true underdogs who are forced by all governments to suffer in silence – our struggling families, pensioners, unemployed, veterans, university students and diggers – so too will a JLN senator for your State.

Senate Candidates for the JLN will be strong people who have the right to a conscience vote on all moral and ethical matters. We are brought together by shared values, core principles and policy solutions


We are here to give and serve you - and our State without the thought of receiving.


We are here to give and serve you - and our State without the thought of receiving.


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