Tell the Greens to back 1,200 homes, now!

If the Greens vote yes, Tasmania gets 1,200 affordable homes.

If they vote no, we get nothing.

Tell the Greens to back 1,200 homes, now!

If the Greens vote yes, Tasmania gets 1,200 affordable homes.

If they vote no, we get nothing.


Tell the Greens: if you don’t back 1,200, we go backwards!

Labor’s Housing Fund was only ever meant to see Tasmania get around 600 homes out of 30,000.

They weren’t guaranteed. They weren’t funded. They weren’t enough.

That’s why we negotiated to get a better deal for Tasmania.

As a result of our work, Labor has agreed to increase the number of homes for Tasmania to 1,200.

That’s enough additional homes to put a roof over the head of every Tasmanian sleeping rough tonight. It’s enough to house every Tasmanian that’s projected to become homeless in the next five years. In other words, it’s enough to make sure the problem gets better, not worse.

But we don’t get any homes built unless the Greens vote for it. And right now, they’re on the fence.

The Greens are asking for more homes to be built on the mainland. That’s all well and good — but the job of a Tasmanian Senator isn’t to negotiate for Sydneysiders while holding Tasmanians to ransom.

We need these homes, here, now. We can’t get that unless the Greens support a once-in-a-generation investment in Tasmania’s affordable housing.

Help us swing them onto the right side of history. Let them know we need their help, and you’re asking them to do the right thing for Tasmania — the state they’re supposed to be there to represent.

Let them know — you’re a Tasmanian. They represent you.

And you want this.


Where’s 1,200 come from?

1,200 represents 4 per cent of the houses the fund is projected to build in the first five years. Tasmania has 4 per cent of the people with the country’s greatest need for social housing, based on statistics from the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare — 4 per cent is what we’re saying is fair.

If Tassie gets more, won’t other states get less?

If every home goes where it’s needed most, then every state will get what it needs. That’s how the distribution of homes should be decided — not by politicians, but by need.

And on need, Tasmania needs 4 per cent. Getting 4 per cent won’t rob other states and territories of homes they need. We’ll get 1,200, and they’ll get what they need.

In fact, if we don’t get 4 per cent, then other states will end up with more than they’re entitled to. That’s not fair. That’s what w’ere asking the government to guarantee won’t happen.

Can we even build 1,200 homes in five years?

Yes! Tasmania is going to build nearly 14,000 homes over the next five years, just through the market. An extra 240 a year is not going to break the state.

Besides, experts are projecting that if we run into choppy waters economically, the first thing to fall off is new home builds. That means there’d be a whole lot of tradies without work. An extra 1,200 homes would mean jobs for Tasmanians, at a time when work is hard to come by.

An initiative of the Jacqui Lambie Network.