Tyrrell asks Govt to sweeten housing deal

A house under construction with light streaming through the beams.

Senator Tammy Tyrrell has revealed she will ask the Federal Government to sweeten the deal for Tasmania in exchange for her vote on the Housing Affordability Future Fund.

Senator Tyrrell will ask the Government to guarantee at least 1,200 homes are built in Tasmania over the next five years from the fund.

“Right now, we aren’t getting on top of our housing crisis. We’re applying bandaids to bandaids. There’s only so much duct tape you can stick on before something falls apart.

“I’ve spent most of my life helping people through stages of homelessness: my clients in employment services, the people who came to Jacqui’s office, who were living in their cars or tents, and now the people who are coming to my office to help.

"Labor's housing fund would mean these people get 600 homes over 5 years. We've got a waiting list of more than 4,500. 600 is not good enough.

“I was elected by the people of Tasmania to make things better for them. This is my chance to use the opportunity I’ve been given as a Senator to make sure we get our fair share.”

Senator Tyrrell says she’s asking the Housing Minister to stick up for Tasmania.

“Julie Collins is a Tasmanian. She’s the MP for Franklin. She knows how bad things are in Tasmania right now. 

"We can't let the problem get worse while we wait for a solution. We can't wait five years to only get half of what we need."

*Media release distributed 23rd February 2023.