The show must go on

Tammy is patting a miniature pony and talking to the pony

After four and a half months of being a Senator, I’ll get the keys to my office this coming week. I’m so excited! This means that Tasmanians will be able to get in touch with me easier, because we’ll finally have a phone number. Thanks to everyone for your patience! If you’re in Launnie, I’ll be in the Kings Meadows area. 

Make sure you come and say hi! 

This week I’ve had my very first run at Senate Estimates, with mixed results. Senate Estimates is when people from all different departments front up and you have the chance to directly ask them questions. We can ask these kinds of questions all year round, but the department has 30 days to respond to those. Estimates can be better for getting immediate answers to questions about particular bills or policies.

My first lot of questions fell over because I asked them to the wrong department. Who would’ve thought you don’t ask housing questions to the housing guy? If you haven’t seen it, you can watch the clip here. But they’re really important questions, so I’ll be putting them to the department to get some answers.

I did have success with some questions around aged care funding and how the government will help providers to meet new requirements (like 24/7 nurses). So you win some and you lose some! But I’ll know what to expect next time.

A quick final shoutout to the Huon Valley and the Huon Show. I rocked up yesterday and it was great to see such a big turnout! I had a blast, especially watching the dog jumping and wood chopping competitions. Shoutout to volunteer Geoff who was my buddy for the day - thanks for being a legend! There’s always room in the Lambie family for more volunteers.