Tam's Takes - June edition

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It's that time of the month where I answer some of the questions you've been sending me. And can I just say, there's been some very thoughtful and insightful ones coming in. Keep sending them through - I appreciate every single one of them!

But the most important thing about Tam's Takes isn't my thoughts, but you sharing your ideas with me too. This month, I share some of the feedback you've sent me about the Federal Budget. Scroll down to read them. 

Will the Voice referendum succeed?

 - Jamie (via email)

I don't know if it's gonna succeed. I think everybody needs to take a good, hard look at it and look at the information and make sure that they're comfortable with whatever decision they make. I'll support it. I'm gonna vote yes. But I won't be telling other people how to vote - I think people can make up their own mind. 

What AFL team do you go for?

 - Greg (via email

I'm a Sydney Swans supporter. I'm old enough to know when they were South Melbourne and that's when I started following them and I'm not a quitter, I don't give up. They've been all right through the years. 

I'd support the Tassie AFL team as well, but I still don't think the team should be contingent on a stadium.

What can we do about doctors and bulk billing?

 - Darren (via email)

Look, we went through the election campaign with an idea about nurse practitioners in GP clinics, and it's something that we're pursuing still.

We would like if the Medicare changes that have come into play recently are expanded, so as that a nurse practitioner can offer you a scan on your lower  abdomen as well as your upper abdomen. Because at the moment they can only do one or the other. They can't do both.  They can send you off for ultrasounds, scans, X-rays, they can give you a flu shot, whatever vaccination you need.

We want them to be able to give you the best care and they're there, they're trained. They want to do the right thing, but they're limited and that's something that we are looking at. But yeah, we also need more doctors and nurses to go through training and stick around in rural and regional areas. And that's going to be an ongoing problem that we're going to try and find solutions to as we move along.

Your thoughts on the 2023 budget

Our last Tam's Takes was all about the Government's latest budget, including increases to Jobseeker, Rent Assistance, more bulk billing and Labor's 60-day prescription policy.

Here's some of your reactions:

I liked the Medicare changes, the increase for unemployed but it should have been bigger.

Disliked the fact that stage three cuts not mentioned. They need to be stopped as appalling.

 - Rosemary

When I heard that rent assistance was going up I was pleased. However, now that I’ve found out how much it is (in my case $17 per fortnight) I’m not so happy. A 50% increase would have made a difference.

Times are tough.

 - Jane

The energy money is very welcome. I for one, feel as though I will be able to heat my bedroom this year.

 - Carmel

 It's good that there is some support for those who are doing it the hardest. But I would have liked to see a higher boost to jobseeker and some relief for students.

 - Annie

Thanks for your Takes. With so much housing stress in Tassie the Footy Stadium white elephant has to go.

 - Harry

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