Tam's Takes - September edition

Yellow Tam

It's time for Tam's Takes - you ask the questions, and I answer them! This month you've asked me about pineapple on pizza, and what a Senator's office actually does (which is a really great question - thanks Jenny!).

Keep scrolling to see what YOU thought about paying super on paid parental leave. 

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What can a Senator's office help you do?

 - Jenny (via email)


We can help you navigate social services, we can help you navigate some visa concerns if you're having them.

And we can help to mediate between different Federal departments - Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, Education, that kind of thing. Basically what we encourage you to do is if you've got a question, come to our office, give us a ring, give us an email, and if we can help you, we will. If we can't help you, we will give you information as to where you can go.

We'll give you a phone number to local government or state government and we'll work through the problem with you.




Do you like pineapple on pizza?

 - Margaret (via email)

Pineapple on pizza? I actually don't mind it. It depends on the pizza though. Red Grasshopper pizza in Ulvie? Oh my god, if you get the power pack, it's got everything on it, But if you're going somewhere a bit gourmet, nah. 



Last month I asked:  ‘Do you think the Commonwealth should pay super on paid parental leave if there's enough money in the coffers? If no, what would you like to see the money spent on?'



Yes, obviously.  Women get left behind in so many things, and it is not right.  There is enough money for stupid nuclear subs, there is enough money for Super for mums (and dads).

 - Michael


I am against paid parental leave, if there is a surplus of money in the coffers it should go to the following: 

 - Repairing all main roads

 - Reducing the cost of electricity ( the government should be considering going to nuclear power)

 - Building more water storage and  raising dam walls to store our most important commodity which is.... water!! without it we are dead.


 - Jeff


I am 66 years old and seen many unsuccessful handouts for people's children. I stopped have children after child number one due to the cost.


There has been Child Endowment, subsidies and Child Care payments for working mothers, swimming lessons, sporting payments, the list goes on.

What i would really like to see is a hot lunch provided to all school aged students. One healthy meal a day. Imagine the benefits. Healthier children, busy parents knowing their child is receiving good food at school. Underprivileged children getting a healthy meal. Children perhaps not wanting to attend school maybe turning up for that meal.

Then there is the employment this would create. Kitchens being built in schools, more deliveries, a meal planning program the list goes on. 

With regards Superannuation and the elderly withdrawing their Super to pay for Aged Care, I believe if this was introduced, the same should apply for Child Care.

One doesn't choose to get old, one chooses to have children. 

 - Cheryl


Yes the commonwealth should pay parental leave. Otherwise it sis yet another way that women are disadvantaged


 - Norman

While I want women to be playing on a fair field, I’m not in favour of the government paying super while they’re on maternity leave. There are many other areas where surplus could be spent.

I could provide a list as long as my arm. I’ll mention a few. 

Over four decades as a public school teacher I saw the deterioration in funding for resources such as books and computers. Most public schools need upgrades in their playgrounds, toilets, staff rooms etc.

Imagine how teachers and students in public schools would feel if they saw that they were valued. 

I see councils struggling to fix roads that have deteriorated as a result of weather damage, both heat and rain. Many cannot keep up with infrastructure let alone repairs.

I read yesterday that we have between 900 and a 1000 people becoming homeless each week. There are buildings sitting idle that could be used on a temporary basis. An example is the old Maitland Hospital. It may be unsuitable as a hospital but surely it could be used for temporarily housing while new homes are constructed. There must be dozens of buildings around the country just like this one. 

A more fair system of training people at universities is essential. It’s fine to say that students will pay later but there are many hidden costs in going to university. Many of my friends say they would not have become teachers if there hadn’t been scholarships available when we were young. Even then, we still relied upon our parents for some things but not like students have to today. Why should they have to pay to become doctors, nurses, teachers? We need them and now we’re complaining because they aren’t there in the numbers we need.

 - Lyn


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