Still time to walk away from stadium

An artist impression of the proposed Hobart stadium at Macquarie Point

Don't want a stadium? Sign here. It's not too late for the Premier to say no.

Senator Tammy Tyrrell is not surprised, but disappointed by the news today that the Federal Government will sink $240 million into the proposed Hobart stadium and Macquarie Point precinct.

Senator Tyrrell and Senator Lambie continue to run a petition against the stadium online. It has been signed by almost 4,500 Tasmanians so far:

Lines attributable to Senator Tammy Tyrrell:

“I’m disappointed the Federal Government has agreed to sink $240million into the Hobart stadium. 

“Tasmanians didn’t ask for this. Taxpayer money is being thrown away on a stadium because the AFL said we needed one. They said jump, and the Tasmanian Liberals asked ‘how high?’ 

“The money going to this project could do a hell of a lot for the most vulnerable people in our community. The ones sleeping in tents. The ones who can’t afford to pay for their medication.

“I’m telling the Tasmanian Liberals and Jeremy Rockliff that it’s not too late.  There’s still time to walk away from the Hobart stadium. It takes a strong leader to say, ‘I’ve listened to what Tasmanians want, and I’ve changed my mind.’ 

“The Premier has a choice: will he choose his pride, or our healthcare and housing?”

*Media release distributed on April 29th 2023.