Keeping the pressure on

Tammy is at an event outside with a brown broad-brimmed hat, a colourful stripey top and a vest with the Jacqui Lambie Network logo on it.

I’m keeping the pressure on the Government over their Housing Affordability Future Fund bill.

If they don’t sweeten the deal for Tassie, then I’m not really sure what we’re getting out of this bill. At best, 600 homes. But probably less. That’s why I’ve asked for a guarantee of a minimum 1,200 homes.

It’s a fair and reasonable ask. And for you mainlanders, there’s still plenty of pieces of the pie to go around out of those 30,000 homes over the next five years. I have a feeling this bill is going to come up in the next fortnight, so keep your fingers and toes crossed. I’m feeling good about getting Tassie their fair share on this one.

Tammy talking to the owner of Satinwood creations about their handmade leather products

It was fabulous to get out and about on the recent long weekend and attend some amazing events in Tassie!

First up was the Longford Motorama. These guys did such a good job pulling together an event in just six weeks, after issues with an international event organiser. I went on the first day, and even then you could tell it was going to be a big weekend. There was one or two of the vintage cars for sale, but no purchases here.

I also went to the wonderful Taste of Huon. This event is in one of the most beautiful parts of Tassie - I love having a reason to escape to Huon. There was lots of really fantastic local produce on show. I’m not going to lie, the donut I ate was one of the best parts. Big thank you to all the locals who came up and had a chat. You made my day!