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Have you ever wondered what politicians do all day? How they figure out their vote on a bill or even just what they listen to in the car?

I want to be a different kind of politician, and that means letting you get to know me - warts and all. I asked for members of the public to send through some questions for me to answer. So here they are! 

If you have anything you'd like me to answer, you can email me at or click here. 

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bullet point iconHow am I different to other politicians?

 - Geoff (via email)

I'm not practiced. I'm not perfect. I'm never going to be practiced or perfect. I'm a little bit loosey goosey and if you try to make me do what you want me to do... I will stick my tongue out. I will dance. I will sing. I'll be a little bit wicky wacky woo, but I'll always work hard.

bullet point iconWhat's it like working with Jacqui Lambie?

- Sally (via email)

It's never the same day twice. She is exciting. She's frustrating. She is amazing. She's all the things that you expect and some things that you would not I wouldn't change anything. It's been a good ride and the future's looking good.

bullet point iconWhat does a Senator do all day?

 - Tiffany (via email)

It depends on the day. Sometimes you are sitting at your desk, running through your emails, reading every single word that comes across your desk, and that's probably the boring days because you're stuck on your bum just reading, asking questions, and trying to take in as much information as possible.

The best days are like last week where I've been in Hobart for the last four days and I've talked to groups, people, organisations, and absorbed information organically, not through a piece of paper. That's the best days. 

And then you get the other kind where you're in Parliament House, and you are there from crack of fart till God knows when, just trying to make sure that you're doing the right thing and you're talking to all the right people. It's a weird gig.

bullet point iconWhat's the worst thing about being a politician?

- Mark (via email)

I probably shouldn't be complaining too much cause I'm only 10 months in!

The biggest thing is the loss of family time and time on your own couch and in your own bed. I'm forever in a hotel or an airport. Or in one of the beautiful towns around Tassie. Checking out the local hotel/motel/coffee shop. 

Jacqui and I have a secret list — don't tell — of the best and the worst coffee around Tasmania. We will never tell where the worst ones are, but if you ever come on a road trip with us, you'll know where all the good ones are.


bullet point iconWho's your favourite Senator other than Jacqui Lambie?

- Cameron (via email)

Nick Xenophon, he is a really cool guy. And he was quirky and different but very clever. Current? Don't know if I've got a current favorite one.

There's a few that I admire, like Katy Gallagher. I think she's amazing. Michaelia Cash? Oh my God, isn't she a weapon of mass destruction? Yeah, I don't really have a favourite current one, but I do admire anybody who actually rocks up and has a crack for this job because it's not easy. And we've got people in there who've got young babies and toddlers and teenagers and they still give up their time and energy to do the job.

So yeah, I don't really have a favourite one at the moment — besides Jacqui.

bullet point iconHow do you get started in politics?

- Jack (via social media)

There's a couple of ways. You can join the Young Liberals or Young Labor at university and find out exactly how it should be done their way. Or you can do what a young friend of mine has done and volunteer for Labor, Liberal, Greens, and talk to me, and figure out where you wanna be progressively. 

Don't just make a wham bam, thank you ma'am decision when you're in university and stick to it no matter what. I think anybody can become a politician, local government, state government, federal government. You've just gotta have a passion for people and want to do good things because every politician, no matter their party, goes into politics to do a good job and to make positive change for people.


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