Veteran Welfare

A) Fair pensions indexation for Veterans

JLN supports fair pension’s indexation for Veterans and former ADF members, including those who have been physically and psychologically wounded or harmed. ADF members who are totally and permanently injured (TPI) will be treated fairly and respectfully. JLN will introduce legislation that will protect the purchasing power of all former ADF members, by linking their pensions and entitlements to the rising cost of average Australian weekly wages.

B) Health Gold Card – Automatic grant

JLN supports the automatic grant of a Health Gold Card to all Australian veterans who have served in war-like or war-zones. The Health Gold Card allows our veterans free of charge – to quickly access the best medical treatment that Australian can offer. Currently the long, complicated, expensive and deliberately exhausting fight to access a Health Gold Card, forced on our Veterans by both Labor and Liberals parties – is killing them.

C) Veterans’ suicide rate

Our veterans’ suicide rate – intentionally kept secret by all major political parties and senior military officers to protect their reputations – is a national disgrace and shame. A major cause of Australia’s obscene veterans’ suicide rate (apart from systemic under-resourcing and over-commitment to international operations) is the unnecessary psychological damage caused during our veterans’ bureaucratic fight for Gold Card guaranteed medical treatment.

JLN believes that when properly considered, the automatic grant of Health Gold Cards to Australia’s veterans will be cost-neutral after the extremely high expense of doctors, lawyers and suicides are removed from the assessment process, and taken into account.

JLN will remind parliament often that if governments offer the excuse they can’t afford the best treatment for the men and women who volunteered to fight and die for Australia, then don’t send them to war in the first place.

D) Digger’s Act or the Australian Veterans Educational Assistance Act

JLN supports the establishment of the Australian Veterans Educational Assistance Act or the Digger’s Act. The act will allow our diggers, after they discharge from the Australian military and free of charge – to further their education qualifications or vocational and trade skills. The legislation will be modelled and similar to America’s very successful GI Bill, which has helped build and strengthen their society.

Eligibility for the Digger’s Act will be a subject of party and community debate, but those who have served in war or war-like zones, will automatically qualify. The JLN Digger’s Act will help remedy out of control veterans’ self-harm, suicide and homeless rates, while investing in a proven nation-building program.

JLN acknowledges Australians enjoy our nation’s great wealth, beautiful country and democratic freedoms, rights and privileges, which are the envy of the world because of the great debt we owe to those who have honourably served in our military.

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