A) TAFE Boost & Institutional Pathways

In addition to the boost in military numbers and resources, JLN supports a major reform and boost in the budget and resources to our TAFE system. TAFE will become an organisation that is more proactive in training students who are studying to increase their trade and other vocational educational skills and qualifications.

Instead of waiting for the private business sector to create a job and employ a trade apprentice, which then allows the apprentice to study and train at TAFE, JLN supports a policy where the TAFE independently of private industry establishes a certain number of apprenticeship study courses and positions.

This “build and they will come” approach to apprenticeship training in TAFE is officially called the creation of Institutional Pathways. JLN strongly supports the creation of TAFE Institutional Pathways, which will guarantee a national minimum number of apprentice and traineeships available to our children.

JLN Defence and Veteran policies will create a new social compact and Australian culture, which will build on and add to previous successes. Our nation will be better protected and our children will be presented with more training and job opportunities and rewarded if they learn, earn or serve.

Over time the National Service, Trainee and Apprenticeship Scheme will address and fix our national trade skills crisis. And the excuse of a trade skills crisis used to import foreign trades people on 457 visas – which implicitly undermines the wages and conditions of Australian workers and denies job opportunities to our youth – is removed.

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