A) Prime Cropping and Agricultural Land Protection JLN supports the creation of a National policy to protect Australia’s scarce prime cropping and agricultural land.

JLN understands that as the world population increases, everyone agrees that the risk of world food shortages is real and we must protect our best food growing lands.


JLN notes that Parliamentary research shows 3.4 % of Australia’s ground is priority, or prime agricultural land. In other words, it’s the best soil we have to grow crops on.


JLN also notes that despite this fact research also reveals that there is no Australian national policy to identify and protect prime agricultural land.

Given this fact, JLN calls on all federal politicians to answer this question: if only 3.4% of the total land mass of Australia is prime agricultural land, why don’t we have a national plan to protect it from all mining or development?


JLN strongly supports the creation of a National policy to protect Australian Prime or Priority Agricultural land and condemn the major political parties, especially the Nationals for allowing this policy failure to exist for so long.

Parliamentary Library Research

State % Prime Ag. Land *
NSW 8.13
Vic 21.0
Qld 1.33
SA 3.89
WA 3.39
Tas 2.65
NT 0.009
ACT 0.29
Australia 3.4

* Source: ABS Agricultural Commodities (Cat   7121.0) and Water Use on Australian Farms (Cat 4618.0) 2013-14

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