Mitchell Carr joined the Australian Army Reserve on the 4th of August 2008, while he was still completing his HSC at Trinity Grammar School (Sydney). On completion of his HSC Mitchell transferred to the Royal Australian Navy and spent three years at sea on board HMAS Darwin and HMAS Parramatta during his eight year military career.

During this time, Mitchell conducted numerous exercises with the United States Navy in Japan, Hawaii and the Australian region. While on board HMAS Darwin and HMAS Parramatta, Mitchell conducted border protection operations and knows firsthand how important a strong border protection policy is for save the lives of those seeking asylum via sea.

Bring public opinion back to policy

Mitchell believes public opinion is vital for the formation of government policy and with his cousin Jonathan, has created the smart phone APP “Ponder Social”. This APP is designed to give all Australians, and the world community, an opportunity to directly vote on issues important to them. It also gives politicians a way to gauge public opinion through a simple Yes or No question.

Mitchell’s interest in politics piqued when a government MP stated “Public opinion doesn’t dictate government policy“- contradicting the basic fundamentals of Australian democracy.

Get more for NSW

If entrusted by the Australian people of New South Wales to represent them, Mitchell will support the JLN to get a Royal Commission into Department of Veteran Affairs. In addition Mitchell wants to save Australian jobs from foreign workers abusing 457 Visas.

Mitchell wants to ensure education funding and resources are protected to give Australian families the peace of mind their children’s future is safeguarded from swings in government.

Mitchell also wants to represent and fight for the voiceless pensioners who are shunned by tradition political parties, ensuring their rights are protected from mainstream politics.

Mitchell also desires to hold the government to account when it comes to infrastructure in New South Wales ensuring the public assets remain in the hands of the Australian people and not privatised to companies who are operated by offshore business.

After speaking to hospital staff at Campbelltown Public Hospital, Mitchell noticed firsthand the dire situation NSW health is in. Mitchell hopes to support the backbone of health – the front-line workers – in the Senate, ensuring our local heroes are looked after.

Mitchell looks forward to representing all Australians of New South Wales with the same daring and tenacity that Jacqui Lambie has shown for Tasmania.

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