From Producing to Politics

Matt has worked in the television and advertising industry for over 25 years.  His training as a graphic designer saw him establish a career in television production, then as a broadcast designer at Channel 10 (ATV 10) in Melbourne in the late 1980s.

After moving into the advertising sector as a designer, he travelled overseas to further his career.  His 10-year journey saw him work with some of London’s premiere production facilities, ad agencies, designers and directors.

Matt produced and directed for Disney in Paris, Istanbul and Athens, and studied Film at New York University before returning home as a freelance director.  He was picked up by Network Nine and worked as a director and producer throughout the network, helping to put together some of Australia’s biggest productions, including the Commonwealth Games, multiple Logie Awards and Ashes Cricket among others.

In 2011, Matt began a small start-up company to commercialise a new early warning system for the community and industry sectors.  This venture has seen him involved in a broad range of areas, from the tech start-up sector to capital fund-raising and government tenders.

Matt has always been passionate about politics.  His time overseas not only allowed him to appreciate how lucky we are in this country but to also see the extraordinary potential Australia has in this exciting new century.

Matt is JLN’s number 2 Victorian Senate Candidate.

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