From Retirement to Politics
Hugh Dolan has come out of retirement with a vengeance. He found peace on a property at Red Hill on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. He enjoyed growing several chooks, various vegetables and three small children. Hugh is more than 50 years old, living on a DVA pension and concerned enough about the state of Victoria to stand with the Jacquie Lambie Network.

Hugh does not look like your traditional political candidate. He has long red hair and a flashing Irish temper inherited along with a passion for fighting for the underdog. If he has to dress formally then he wears bow ties.  You will find him at home with jeans and muddy RM boots.

Work History
Hugh grew up in Melbourne. He went to school here and even, for a short time, at Melbourne University. He dropped out and found employment on the production line at Toyota’s Fisherman Bend production line. He worked on Corollas and Coronas by entering their colour and make into the production system. Hugh then found employment as a salesman on St Kilda Road.

He tried once again to get a university degree, finally receiving a small bursary to read history at Oxford University. On graduating he returned to Australia. He commissioned as a RAAF officer at the Officers Training School, Point Cook. Hugh became an intelligence officer reaching the rank of Squadron Leader before he was discharged.

Hugh twice served overseas in Iraq with Air Mobility Group in 2003. He also served on humanitarian missions on the Solomon Islands and in Banda Aceh following the devastating tsunami. While recuperating from sickness Hugh wrote two books on the role of intelligence planning and the air battles over Gallipoli in 1915. This was turned into a popular television documentary on the ABC “Gallipoli from Above”.

Hugh  Jacqui Good copyConcerned for Victorians
Hugh is motivated by a number of causes dear to Victorians. The first is his concern for veterans and their families. The second is for voiceless pensioners who are shunned by traditional political parties. Hugh will say the things that you are too frightened to say. He will say “no” to the move towards Halal Certification and the introduction of Sharia Law – the pandering to a militant minority.  He is dead against the Green agenda to cost industry its livelihood and send us back into the Stone Age.  Electricity must remain affordable.

Hugh shares the concern of the silent majority of Victorians who fear the prospect of a cultural Tidal Wave swamping the last vestiges of Australian life. Although Hugh and Jacqui have come from different paths, they have much in common. Hugh hopes to match Jacqui’s passionate debate in the Senate. He looks forwards to representing Victorians in Canberra among the bureaucrats and self-serving political elites.

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