To make a bank deposit donation please use the follow details.
Please use your name as a reference on payment also thank you.

Bank deposit
BSB: 087 400
ACC: 73089 7251

For all postal money order donations please send to.

PO Box 264,
Burnie TAS 7320

Be part of the movement. We always put our state first in all decisions.
Simply click the link above to partner with us any donation amount is welcomed.
Contributions and gifts of $2 or more by individual taxpayers may be tax deductible. The total deduction allowable in an income year is limited to $1,500.

Currently the Australian electoral system only requires political donations over $13,000 to be declared. This is not transparent enough for the JLN.
If you are a private citizen and wish to donate anonymously please note that donations under $500 qualify. Any donations over $500 will be publically displayed on the website.
However, if you are donating on behalf of a union, corporation, business, lobbyist group, political party, etc all donations no matter the value will be publically displayed on the website.

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