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The Huffington Post Australia – Jacqui Lambie Network Unveils Senate Candidates Across The Country standard

Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has unveiled three military veterans as NSW candidates for her party’s Senate push, bringing the Jacqui Lambie Network’s field to eight. Lambie, elected to the Senate in 2013 as a member of the Palmer United Party, broke away from the party in November 2014 and formed the JLN in May 2015. Lambie is a popular figure in her native Tasmania, and recent reports claim she may capture two or more seats in her home state at a double dissolution election. She has already unveiled several candidates for the JLN’s Senate push in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania, including former RAAF officer Hugh Dolan, adventure tourism operator and former army man Bob Davis, designer Matt Timson, Devonport Mayor ...

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MPI – Climate Change standard

Senator LAMBIE (Tasmania) (18:39): I note that in the past Prime Minister Turnbull has supported an ETS, an Emissions Trading Scheme. I rise to contribute to this matter of public importance, which focuses on Prime Minister Turnbull’s failure to take action consistent with his words on climate change. In doing so I take this opportunity to speak about the JLN’s policy on a carbon tax and an ETS. I acknowledge that climate change is real. I also acknowledge that ice core sampling by scientists in the Antarctic shows that over the last 600,000 years the average world temperature has changed and has been much higher than today’s average temperature, and it has also been much colder. I note that most ...

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$94B extra for budget repair in JLN Tax Reform Package: Lambie standard

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has delivered a speech in the Senate yesterday which details $94B of new tax revenue raised by 3 simple new taxes. “My network, the JLN, has proposed 3 simple tax reform policies – (costed by the Australia Institute) – that don’t take from Australia’s poorest, and ensures that our top earners contribute their fair share. In ten years these 3 taxes would raise an extra $94B for Budget repair. They are:  A Super-Rich Death Tax, which would raise $5 Billion a year and would only affect 0.8% of the Australian population.  Capping the Capital Gains Tax exemption to houses worth less than $2 million would raise $3 billion a year. 56% of the revenue ...

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JLN Senate Candidate for Tasmania Robert Waterman SLAMS the Greens for their call to DECRIMINALISE ICE standard

This is the most harmful drug the world has seen and it is completely irresponsible of the greens to support decriminalisation of this or any illicit drug. The World Health Organisation now rates drugs as a “threat to humanity” and here we have a comment like this from the Greens that clearly demonstrates just how out of touch they are with what’s happening in our communities. I have worked hands on in the alcohol and drug sector and in community health for many years. Many people access treatment as a result of coming to the attention of the criminal justice system. This drug destroys lives, families and undermines the foundation of our society. Decriminalisation could see people using the drug ...

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Halal certification money from Army – must not fund the 190 Australian terrorist supporters being watched by ASIO: Lambie standard

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on the Liberal Government to give a guarantee that Halal certification money raised by the sale of food to our defence forces – has not found its way to the 190 Australian terrorist supporters who are being monitored and watched by ASIO. “Last week in Senate Estimates committee hearings during the questioning of the chief of our spy agency – it was revealed that they were officially watching 190 Islamic Australians who were collaborators with our enemies in the Islamic state. The ASIO chief told me that the 190 traitors were “raising funds, recruiting, exhorting young people to join the cause and espousing the virtues of the ISIL message.”  With yesterday’s stunning revelation ...

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Liberals can’t be trusted with the GST: Lambie standard

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has released two short 30 sec YouTube videos which show her talking with JLN Victorian Candidates Hugh Dolan and Matt Timson about the Liberals proposed increase in the GST. “ Matt and Hugh like most Australian’s – have seen through the Liberal’s lies on their GST policy. The Prime Minister says they won’t take a GST to the election, but what about after the next election? It’s clear that the Liberals will break their promise not to increase the GST, should they win the next election. Every JLN Senate Candidate if elected, will oppose any increase in Australia’s GST.  There are much better ways of raising funds and repairing the budget without taking money ...

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Food and Medical Aid Air Drop standard

Hello, I am Hugh Dolan, a former Military Intelligence Officer and the Jacqui Lambie Network Senate candidate for Victoria. I live in Melbourne. Are Australians at war with children and families caught behind the frontlines in Syria? No … we don’t want to go to war against children and families caught behind the fighting in Syria. Syrian children, and indeed families are also victims of ISIS. They are living in villages overrun by murderers, extortionists and rapists. The local village economy has collapsed. There is no food or water. So how do we both target the bad guys and try to help the innocent in Syria? The JLN has a solution, which has worked in the past: Food and Medical aid airdrops – or ...

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Kill off a dangerous and unfair Chinese Trade deal before the Chinese Military kill our Sailors standard

Media Statement Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has released a short Youtube film which comments on: A senior Chinese military officer’s recent threat to Australian sailors’ lives. The fact Australia is about to sign a trade deal with a world super power that has just warned it may attack members of our ADF as they follow orders to keep International waters free and skies open. The willingness of Australian politicians to pretend that a free trade deal with a Communist dictatorship is like other free trade deals with our democratic allies. Millions of dollars of political funding linked to the Chinese Communist regime – which is accepted by Australia’s Labor, Liberal and National Parties. Calls for donations to help ...

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Lambie seeks to form Independent Network. standard

Media Statement 31.3.15 Lambie seeks to form Independent Network. Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has called for people who would like to be part of her political Network to make contact through her facebook. The call comes after the Australian Electoral Commission placed advertisements in major papers as part of their process for the official registration of the “Jacqui Lambie Network” “Once the Australian Electoral Commission has officially processed and cleared the Network’s registration – just like other major political parties, the Network will be able to field senate and lower house candidates in future federal elections. And just like other political parties, the people of Tasmania and other states will have the option of voting above the ...

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