Number 2 JLN NSW candidate Bruce Relph calls to introduce JLN’s voluntary National Service Trainee and Apprenticeship Scheme (NSTAS). The JLN policy will offer basic military training and the opportunity to compete for military trade, apprenticeship and trainee courses, to all 18-year-old Australians who are not employed or studying for a university degree, vocational education or trade qualification.

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JLN’s official policy provides a solution to the high youth unemployment figure, which at a national level is 12% and for Tasmania is even higher at 15.2% (RDA Tasmania, Jan 2016).  If the scheme is introduced those Australians who choose not to volunteer and are not earning or learning in civilian life, will be illegible to receive any Government welfare.

“The Government has denied training young Australians while importing foreign workers and tradespeople on 457 visas”

“To make Australia great again we need voluntary national service for young people, it worked for over 40 years,” said Bruce.

“Once young Australians have successfully completed NSTAS if they are still unable to find work, they will then qualify to receive government welfare again.  At least they will have some skills and training behind them that will serve a purpose when they seek employment.” said Senator Lambie.